22 Jul 2014

You should always have a car payment.

You should always have a car payment.  Unless you live somewhere like NYC where you don’t need a car, then you can move on to another one of our great articles.  You should always have a car
15 Jul 2014

How to help kids manage money

How do you help your kids manage money?  This is an article where I don’t think I have the one right answer.   My girls are still young and have trouble understanding the value of money.  We
8 Jul 2014

Cash as a commitment device

What is a Commitment Device? Never heard of a commitment device? A commitment device is a choice that an individual makes in the present which restricts his own set of choices in the future, often as a means of
1 Jul 2014

1 easy way to save a grand in a year; reduce your property tax

Almost a year ago I stumbled onto a little company called ValueAppeal.  They offer to help you file to have your property tax reduced based on an overvaluation of your property.  I have finally gotten through the
24 Jun 2014

Everything can be a pre-tax deduction

A Pre-tax deduction refers to things done the governments preferred way that reduce the amount of income you pay taxes on.  For example if you make $50,000 a year and you put $10,000 into a 401(k) (one
19 Jun 2014

Thursday Tip

                It isn’t how much you make; it is how much you save.
17 Jun 2014

Ways you are wasting money

There are tons of places we all waste money every day.  Here are some big ones I have learned about the hard way.  Check the list below and see if you are wasting money with any of
10 Jun 2014

How to compare job offers

When you are faced with a new job offer (other than being extremely blessed) you may be in for a rough ride.  How do you make such an important decision?  How are you to compare job offers?  If
4 Jun 2014

Satisfied In The Lord, Not A Paycheck

It was a while ago that I wrote “Please Give me my Idol“, an article where I talked about my personal idolatry in seeking  a new job.  Well, I had been seeking a new position for almost
27 May 2014

No Article This Week

I have been going through some crazy personal things, this week.  I know this is how blogfade starts, but that is not the case here.  I actually have 4 articles I want to write based on things