20 Jan 2015

Create your debt snowball

Create your debt snowball Now that you have created a little wiggle room in your budget you can start making a move to get your debt paid off.  We are going to use a popular method among
15 Jan 2015

Create Wiggle Room in your Budget

Creating wiggle room in your budget. So you have just created your budget and you now you want to get started in paying off your debt, but you don’t think you have enough extra money to really
13 Jan 2015

Create a budget

A budget sounds scary (or boring), but it is just a tool used for making decisions on how to spend your money when your emotions are not running crazy. It is like a map on your journey
8 Jan 2015

Gather your debt records

Your third step in the process is to gather your debt records. Student loans, credit card statements, car loan statement. Statements from all the debts you carry. Putting all of this information in one place can be
6 Jan 2015

Track your Spending

Track your spending This is part two in a series on how to arrange your finances.  If you haven’t already read part 1 to get off on the right track. When you track your spending it will
1 Jan 2015

New Year Goals

New Year Goals First, let’s talk about why you are taking this course? Why do you want to get your finances under control and pay off debt. Having these reasons straight in your mind can help you
30 Dec 2014

New year budget

It is time for a new year budget; A lot of folks choose to use the new year as a starting point to achieve goals they have put off all year.  If your goal is to start
23 Dec 2014

Stewardship and the Gospel

Stewardship and the Gospel Writing continuously about personal finance can be a bit boring after a while, much like stewardship itself.  Once your eyes are opened to the basics there is a diminishing return as you continue
16 Dec 2014

Giving Questions

Recently someone from our church asked me a set of giving questions to be used in a lesson series we are doing.  I thought they would make a good mini post. Q: Is it responsible for me
11 Dec 2014

Christmas Spending Is a Test of Your Treasure

David Mathis over at  Desiring God wrote a great article about how we regard money this time of year.  It is worth the read just to challenge yourself on the idolatry of money.  It is really hard to