10 May 2016

Contentment – The How of Happiness

Contentment is the key to happiness Wealth is not a good predictor of a happy life. Psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky found that only 10 percent of the variance in Americans’ happiness is due to income and other circumstances.
3 May 2016

Church Budgets

This headline grabbed my attention…According to this article from Christianity Today, quoting a report from the Giving USA Foundation, American churches collected 114.9 BILLION dollars in 2014. (Numbers not available for 2015).  We look at how church budgets
5 Jan 2016

Free Home Phone with Google Hangouts

With our kids getting older we felt we needed a home phone and being who I am I wanted a free home phone.  We don’t want a landline , but we don’t want to buy cell phones for
29 Dec 2015

Stewards of Fatherhood

I am going to depart from my normal topics to discuss something else, Fatherhood.  This site is about the various forms of stewardship Christians are called to and this includes the stewardship of the name Father.  God
15 Dec 2015

Christmas, Materialism and the Christian

Let’s face it, this time of year even the best of us have a hard time fighting off Christmas materialism.  Christians have often allowed the secular marketing powers to dictate what is means to celebrate Christmas.  Whether
27 Oct 2015

How a community can help your finances.

I have written before on my crazy ideas on how a community (a church specifically) can help one another financially, these are a little more down to earth.  Being a good steward of your money goes against
20 Oct 2015

Can I use reward cards?

One of the questions I get almost every time I speak on stewardship is around the use of reward cards.  You know, the ones where they give you rewards points or cash back for spending money through
15 Sep 2015

Why Considering Stewardship

I started writing on Christian stewardship for several reasons.  I came to faith in a part of Christianity that is what most would call the “prosperity gospel” or the “Health and wealth” gospel and I found myself
25 Aug 2015

5 Bible Verses about Money we don’t like to talk about

I recently read a similar post and it got me thinking about some of the Bible verses about money that we don’t like to talk about in the church.  I suppose it depends on which end of
18 Aug 2015

4 Sinking Funds You Need

A sinking fund is simply saving up in advance for expenses that are inevitable.  Often times we ignore upcoming expenses lead ourselves into a emergency.  So, here are some sinking funds you need to think about. 1.