31 Mar 2015

Survivor Checklist with Lastpass

One of the dangers inherent in the lives of the person who takes care of the finances is that they could die.  Ok, sure we could all die, but if I died right now my wife would
26 Mar 2015

Giving Differently

Thought like this should make us think about how we help the poor in our context.  There is evidence that giving cash directly to the poor may do more for them than expensive programs meant to do
24 Mar 2015

What’s good on paper is not always what is best for you.

Personal finance is a strange space.  The people who are really into it are normally numbers people. They are really good at working out the numbers to find the one right way to do things.  Every personal
17 Mar 2015

Acts 4:32 – All things in Common

So, I haven’t been posting recently because of a few things popping up at church.  I taught a class in February and then I was asked to preach.  So, I decided to post my sermon.  It is
24 Feb 2015

Things I learned from changing jobs

Changing Jobs Almost a year ago I went through the process of changing jobs.  In that change, I left a nationally known company where I had worked for eight years for a company I had never heard of until
17 Feb 2015

Making the switch to Ting

Why we chose Ting Part of our new year budget project was to do some maintenance on some of our bills and see if we could save money anywhere.  I have been with Sprint mobile for 15
10 Feb 2015

What do I do when I have a church money disagreement?

Unless you are one of those dictator Pastors who always does what they want regardless of wise council or you don’t bother to pay attention, eventually you are going to disagree with something your church is doing
3 Feb 2015

New Year Budget Recap

You have determined your goals. You have Tracked your Spending. Determined how to actually make payments on your debt and pay it off. NOW WHAT? This part sucks.  While it is definitely not a set it and
27 Jan 2015

Revisit your Budget

Revisit your Budget Budgets are living, breathing, documents.  They will need to change as your lifestyle changes.  These changes need to be done intentionally and not accidentally.  How do you do this with your budget? Pay attention
20 Jan 2015

Create your debt snowball

Create your debt snowball Now that you have created a little wiggle room in your budget you can start making a move to get your debt paid off.  We are going to use a popular method among