19 May 2015

When Does Saving Turn into Hoarding?

Over at Christianpf.com they had a good discussion on this topic with some good practical ideas on what to look at.  I have a question as a thought experiment.  Should Christians have a self imposed (I believe any sort
14 May 2015

Student Loan Debt Continues to Rise

A new report by the New York Fed shows that while many of us were paying off debt during the great recession.  Student loan debt was the only category to continue to rise.   We have a
5 May 2015

Fund retirement or pay off mortgage.

I get this question a lot in my classes.  It is better to pay off a mortgage or fund retirement?  This is one of those decisions that depends on what one means by better, which sounds like
28 Apr 2015

Money dangers in your 30s

I have posted previously about how to screw up your finances in your 20s.  And now that I am half way through my 30’s I can see a few money dangers that I would like to warn
15 Apr 2015

Interest free loan

In light of Tax day here in the US.  I wanted to point out as The National Center for Policy Analysis does.  Your refund is nothing more than an interest free loan to the government.  You over
7 Apr 2015

The Financial Moves You Should Make in April

Happy Financial Literacy Month! We go through the financial moves you should make every month, but April—being tax month and Financial Literacy Month—is a great time to start as any. Here’s what you should be doing in
31 Mar 2015

Survivor Checklist with Lastpass

One of the dangers inherent in the lives of the person who takes care of the finances is that they could die.  Ok, sure we could all die, but if I died right now my wife would
26 Mar 2015

Giving Differently

Thought like this should make us think about how we help the poor in our context.  There is evidence that giving cash directly to the poor may do more for them than expensive programs meant to do
24 Mar 2015

What’s good on paper is not always what is best for you.

Personal finance is a strange space.  The people who are really into it are normally numbers people. They are really good at working out the numbers to find the one right way to do things.  Every personal
17 Mar 2015

Acts 4:32 – All things in Common

So, I haven’t been posting recently because of a few things popping up at church.  I taught a class in February and then I was asked to preach.  So, I decided to post my sermon.  It is