19 Aug 2014

Good Guy Discount

This goes along with other articles I have written about negotiation.  This American Life had a act in one of their shows where a man discussed is “Good guy discount.”  I have always loved the concept he
12 Aug 2014

My kids come first?

This stems from a discussion I recently had on Facebook.  It isn’t in my traditional category of personal finance, but it is about stewardship of a different kind.  Something very important that we steward is our children. 
30 Jul 2014

9 ways to save money with kids.

Here are 9 great ways to save money with kids. Create a Babysitting Co-Op No not like those books from such a long time ago but if you and another couple can exchange babysitting services it will give both of you
22 Jul 2014

You should always have a car payment.

You should always have a car payment.  Unless you live somewhere like NYC where you don’t need a car, then you can move on to another one of our great articles.  You should always have a car
15 Jul 2014

How to help kids manage money

How do you help your kids manage money?  This is an article where I don’t think I have the one right answer.   My girls are still young and have trouble understanding the value of money.  We
8 Jul 2014

Cash as a commitment device

What is a Commitment Device? Never heard of a commitment device? A commitment device is a choice that an individual makes in the present which restricts his own set of choices in the future, often as a means of
1 Jul 2014

1 easy way to save a grand in a year; reduce your property tax

Almost a year ago I stumbled onto a little company called ValueAppeal.  They offer to help you file to have your property tax reduced based on an overvaluation of your property.  I have finally gotten through the
24 Jun 2014

Everything can be a pre-tax deduction

A Pre-tax deduction refers to things done the governments preferred way that reduce the amount of income you pay taxes on.  For example if you make $50,000 a year and you put $10,000 into a 401(k) (one
19 Jun 2014

Thursday Tip

                It isn’t how much you make; it is how much you save.
17 Jun 2014

Ways you are wasting money

There are tons of places we all waste money every day.  Here are some big ones I have learned about the hard way.  Check the list below and see if you are wasting money with any of