15 Sep 2015

Why Considering Stewardship

I started writing on Christian stewardship for several reasons.  I came to faith in a part of Christianity that is what most would call the “prosperity gospel” or the “Health and wealth” gospel and I found myself
25 Aug 2015

5 Bible Verses about Money we don’t like to talk about

I recently read a similar post and it got me thinking about some of the Bible verses about money that we don’t like to talk about in the church.  I suppose it depends on which end of
18 Aug 2015

4 Sinking Funds You Need

A sinking fund is simply saving up in advance for expenses that are inevitable.  Often times we ignore upcoming expenses lead ourselves into a emergency.  So, here are some sinking funds you need to think about. 1.
11 Aug 2015

100 Money Saving Tips

Here are 100 money saving tips you can use to pay off your debt, give or save to invest.  If you like it please share on your favorite social network.  Home Adjust the Thermostat In the summer turn it
4 Aug 2015

Is Pursuing Christian Wealth Worth the Spiritual Risk?

I read a lot of personal finance bloggers, many of them Christian.  It seems to me that many of them ask “Can we?” in regard to Christian wealth, but rarely ask if we should. Dave Ramsey, for
28 Jul 2015

Dave Ramsey – My first impression

I have been writing on personal finance and helping people with their money for years, but I have avoided Dave Ramsey like a OSU fan avoids maize and gold.  I didn’t want to be overtly influenced by
23 Jul 2015

Congratulations to Class of 2014, Most Indebted Ever

The Wall Street Journal says “As college graduates in the Class of 2014 prepare to shift their tassels and accept their diplomas, they leave school with one discouraging distinction: They’re the most indebted class ever.” I have
21 Jul 2015

Snagshout review

Snagshout is a social deals website that creates a connection between shoppers and brand owners. Snagshout offers products at discount prices in exchange for reviews of the products.  I had never tried to use this type of service before
16 Jul 2015

Have Millennials Been Robbed of Their Birthright?

The National Center for Policy Analysis has an interesting article out about the effects of our big government on our newest citizens. Burdened with an obligation to pay government debt they did not incur, young Americans –
19 May 2015

When Does Saving Turn into Hoarding?

Over at Christianpf.com they had a good discussion on this topic with some good practical ideas on what to look at.  I have a question as a thought experiment.  Should Christians have a self imposed (I believe any sort