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Top Posts for January 2014

Top posts for January

  1. 100 Money Saving Tips  – Pretty self explanatory and thanks to some Pinterest traffic this has been my top post since it was published.
  2. Create a Budget – This  series on creating a budget, why you should and how to go about it.  Most importantly why this isn’t the end all be all to stewardship.
  3. Betterment Review – Betterment is the investment company I use because of its simplicity, diversity and low cost.  This is my review of Betterment.
  4. Fight the Cultural Tide – Living a simpler life to give to the gospel and be a good steward will definitely put you in a position of swimming against the tide.
  5. First Ebay Sale – I wanted to start selling some things to save space in our house and save up some money.  Here is my story.
  6. Book Progress – I have started working on a book that I have wanted to write for quite some time.  Here is where you can see my progress.
  7. Give yourself a raise – This article can help you get more money in your paycheck so you can do better things with it.
  8. Maximize Employer Benefits – Many employers have more benefits than you know and you should use them to your advantage.
  9. 20 Financial Questions to ask before Marriage – Just 20 conversation starters I give to pre-marriage classes.
  10. Envelope System – This article will tell you how to keep yourself on your budget by using the envelope/cash system.

In the beginning

Years ago I wrote on how to make life simpler and manage personal finances on improvethequality.com. (A site now taken over by a Japanese company)  I took a few years off to focus on other things like finally getting my B.S. and now I have decided it is time to return to this topic here.

One of the reasons I am doing this  is that I am now talking a lot about personal finance at my church; I am teaching classes and talking to people personally to tell answer any questions they may have.   I wanted to have a place full of resources for people I talk to and work with.  I wanted to get back into this world of personal finance and simple living but this time with more of a perspective more influenced by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will also hopefully be challenging some of my own thoughts on different matters like some biblical perspectives on marriage and money.  Boy, how that has changed over the years.

If you have found your way here I hope you will give me a chance.  Subscribe to the feed.  Or follow us on Facebook or twitter

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