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20 Financial Questions for Marriage

financial questions to ask before marriage

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Here are a list financial questions for marriage to get a good conversation started.  Couples need to learn to develop open and honest communication about money and it isn’t always easy.  Walking through these questions can help a couple come to some understanding about their own thoughts and the thoughts of their spouse.

I hand this out as part of my marriage finance class.

Just remember to remain humble, your goal here is mutual sanctification not to “win” a fight.


  1. How important is money to you?
  2. How rich do you want to be?
  3. What sacrifices will that require?
  4. How did your parents deal with money?
  5. How does that impact how you deal with it?
  6. How might it impact your marriage?
  7. How do you think about consumer debt?
  8. Have you completely discussed your financial past?
  9. Perhaps pull credit reports and review them?
  10. Will you both work when you have kids?
  11. What are your past and present financial obligations?
  12. How do you handle your money: are you a spender or saver?
  13. How much will we earn together?
  14. What are our financial goals?
  15. How will we budget?
  16. Who will do the record keeping?
  17. How will we make financial decisions together?
  18. How important are Christmas gifts, vacations and new cars to you?
  19. What worked well for your family growing up?
  20. What financial mistakes do you not want to repeat from growing up?

Use these questions to get a conversation started.  It may lead to some self examination and learning which can be good. Ask God to guide your conversation so it doesn’t become sinful, but helps you to understand one another better.

What are some other considerations or questions to ask to help your marriage?

image by nikareteku


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