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What Does the Bible Say About Your Resources?

The Bible has a lot to say about the use of our resources.  God has plans for our time, money, and talents.  My name is Jason FisherMy Story .  I am a guy who has been working his way through balancing my faith and resources, time, money, and talent.

  • I wrote for years on improvethequality.com, which has since been retired.
  • I have taught numerous classes on personal finance and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • I help people make budgets and organize their finances.
  • I help people to understand what the Bible tells us when it comes to stewarding our finances.

Personal Finance

I have recently realized the things I had been doing were really the equivalent to legalism with my money.  There are a lot of financial pharisees out there telling people how to obey the money law.  Even the Christian writers are not talking about how money and the Gospel are related.

My goal with this site is to have a platform to work through some ideas I have about personal finance and the gospel of Jesus Christ. As well as helping people along the way with the practical stuff.

Certain parts of the church have done a horrible job of of talking about money.  However, Jesus talked a lot about money, how it affects our heart, and what it reveals about our sinfulness.  I want to talk about that as well.

I am not certified by any particular body; other than my church where I serve as a deacon helping people with their money and their faith.

This site is strictly for information purposes and everyone should perform their own diligent research as personal finance is just that…personal.

If you want to get a good start understanding what this site is about start with these articles.

Biblical Stewardship

Give yourself a Raise

Stewarding your Marriage

If you are not intentional about stewarding your marriage and taking care of it.  You may find yourself stuck in a room with a stranger when your children leave the house.  How do you prevent this from happening?

Articles about marriage to get you started:

Prevent Fights about money in your marriage.

Marriage and Money and Grace


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Bobby CarbyPosted on7:27 am - Mar 9, 2017

By your language (“sanctified gross income”)I perceive you went to the school at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio. My pastors, Ronnie and Stephanie Harrison, still use a lot of Rod Parsley’s lingo from when they were on staff there. Some of it I have to ignore and just agree with the things I do agree with. Be blessed. Keep up the good work.

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