Christian Stewardship Sermon

Christian Stewardship Sermon

Jason Fisher Christian StewardshipThis is a sermon from Proverbs on Christian stewardship.  Jason preached at the Veritas Tri-village congregation on 6/12/2016.

  1. Christian stewardship begins with understanding that God is the owner of everything (Ps 24:1).  Christians understand that we are bought with a price and that it is God who gives us the power to gain wealth (Deut 8:18).
  2. Christian Stewardship is a spiritual discipline which can be exercised to produce godliness in the life of a Christian (1Tim 4:7)
  3. A good Christian steward, one who honors the Lord with their wealth.
    1. Worships with their offering
    2. Sacrifices with their giving
    3. Is Generous
    4. A cheerful giver
    5. Trusts the Lord will provide
    6. Plans and is intentional
  4. Stewardship is a Gospel issue

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Jason is the founder of Considering Stewardship he has a passion for helping people to steward all of their resources as gifts from God. Time, money, and Talent.

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