First Ebay Sale

First Ebay Sale

My First Ebay saleAs part of my New Year resolution I have posted my very first Ebay sale.  It is a hard drive that has been sitting on a shelf in the box for a while now.  The reason for the sale is two fold; we are looking to save up for a down payment for a house and so I am going to try to sell some things we have had around the house that we no longer need and secondly our house feels too crowded with stuff and we are looking to simplify and get rid of things we no longer need or use.

A lot of things have changed since I last looked at selling things on ebay which made my first ebay sale much easier.

  1. Setting up the listing was incredibly simple – I was able to model my listing after others already in the system and it took care of most of the information for me.  I took a few pictures with my phone and up loaded them.
  2. Shipping was a breeze – I was very conserned with how to deal with shipping.  I don’t ship a lot of things and I did a little research with UPS and USPS but turns out ebay has you covered there as well.  They knew my product and suggest a flat rate USPS option that I had already concluded I needed.  It made me feel much safer.
  3. Anyone can do a “Buy it Now” – Last time I has looked into it (admittedly a long time ago) only experienced sellers could do a buy it now sale.  Meaning you don’t have to play the auction game but could simply buy it outright.

The item sold after a week for $35, which is more than I paid for it.  All in all Ebay has improved a great deal since the last time I had looked into selling.  It could be a great way to earn some money and simplify your life by getting rid of some things you no longer need.


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