Forget Finding Your Passion. Build It, Instead

Forget Finding Your Passion. Build It, Instead

Has anyone ever asked you for directions and you were too embarrassed to admit you don’t know? So much in fact, that you tried to tell them where to go regardless? Just to save your face? That’s what most career advice feels like these days.

Over at Fee  writes a great article about current career advice.  This hits me at just the right time because I have examining what I need to do in my career to be a good steward of my talents.  A lot of the surface career advice I have seen follows the same line, “Follow your passion.”  Is if people with a passion need to be told to follow it.  My problem is I have too many not-quite-passions, none of which will pay what my current job pays.  I love Niklas’ idea that passion comes from becoming good at what you do, whatever it is.

He also lays out what he calls the dip, the point in your journey where the return seems to drop for your effort.  In retrospect I have probably quit in the dip in several areas of life.  I think many of us need to be encouraged to push through those hard times by counting the cost of any decision and determining that the outcome is worth the effort.  A good read.

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