Good Guy Discount

Good Guy Discount

Good guy discountThis goes along with other articles I have written about negotiation.  This American Life had a act in one of their shows where a man discussed is “Good guy discount.”  I have always loved the concept he discussed, but this gave me a great method to ask for a discount without coming off like a jerk.

I ask for the “Good guy” discount.  It has worked 100% of the time so far.  Granted I have only tried it twice, but that doesn’t change the success rate.

At the Cincinnati aquarium I learned that our local Zoo was no longer part of their reciprocal discount program.  They used to be but had neglected to sign up this year.  So, I said “OK, just give me the good guy discount then.”  The girl behind the glass laughed and asked if I was an alum from any of the local universities.  Which I wasn’t.  Then she moved onto other organizations; she must have gone though 10 or 15 until she finally found a way to give us a 20% discount on our 4 tickets.

Asking for the “Good guy” discount disarms the person you are talking to with humor.  Obviously, they won’t have a “Good guy” discount but I find they will do what they can because you ask.  A lot of places have a plethora of discounts available and even if you don’t qualify for one you may get it just for asking.

Plus as an added bonus you don’t have to feel embarrassed if you are asking for the “Good guy” discount because you can always laugh it off if it gets awkward, but it never hurts to ask.


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