Have Millennials Been Robbed of Their Birthright?

Have Millennials Been Robbed of Their Birthright?

The National Center for Policy Analysis has an interesting article out about the effects of our big government on our newest citizens.

Burdened with an obligation to pay government debt they did not incur, young Americans – those born between the early 1980s and the beginning of the 21st century, or millennials – begin life at least partially robbed of their birthright.

Is this an example of Robin Hood in reverse where the wealthiest generation is taking money from the poorest to support their own lifestyle?  Maybe.  The bible tell us that a wise man lays up an inheritance for his grandchildren.  Not a debt.  We are continually forcing our children to pay for things they did not ask for and do not want just to support politically powerful interest groups.  That isn’t the biblical model of stewardship.

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