In the beginning

In the beginning

Years ago I wrote on how to make life simpler and manage personal finances on (A site now taken over by a Japanese company)  I took a few years off to focus on other things like finally getting my B.S. and now I have decided it is time to return to this topic here.

One of the reasons I am doing this  is that I am now talking a lot about personal finance at my church; I am teaching classes and talking to people personally to tell answer any questions they may have.   I wanted to have a place full of resources for people I talk to and work with.  I wanted to get back into this world of personal finance and simple living but this time with more of a perspective more influenced by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I will also hopefully be challenging some of my own thoughts on different matters like some biblical perspectives on marriage and money.  Boy, how that has changed over the years.

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Jason is the founder of Considering Stewardship he has a passion for helping people to steward all of their resources as gifts from God. Time, money, and Talent.

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