Keeping Christmas Under Control

Keeping Christmas Under Control

It is that time of year.  People start thinking about Christmas shopping about this time.  If you haven’t been keeping a Christmas fund already you may be thinking “How will I handle this?”  How do we let the whole year go by without making plans to keep Christmas under control.

It is about Jesus…

Remember the true point of Christmas.  It is a celebration of our Lord Jesus not our Lord Materialism. Create traditions with your children that will point your children toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We always do a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas eve, for example.  We have always based our gift giving on the idea that God has given his greatest gift to us and so we give gifts as a reminder of that Gospel truth.  What type of ideas do you have to keep it simple and focused on Christ?

Christmas Under Control

Christmas under controlFor Christians Christmas shouldn’t be about materialism.  The average American expects to spend $882 dollars on Christmas this year according to the American Research Group.  All too often our culture pushes us toward worshiping at the retail altar.  If you train your children early to appreciate the little things you are off to a good start.  There is no reason to try to buy your children’s affections once a year.

  1. Set a budget – Determine how much money you can afford or want to afford before you open up amazon.  We have a free budget sheet here.
  2. Something they want, something they need and something to read – This three point idea will help you keep things under control
  3. Secret Santa – If you have a larger family or group you feel you need to buy for then offer the idea of exchanging names and only buying for one or two people.
  4. Free gifts – Never forget the power of things that can’t be bought.  Free babysitting coupons for a night out can be priceless.

Keep a running list…

If you are like me you freeze up when it comes to actually buying the gifts.  We have the money, we planned for it but what does my wife actually want?  I have taken to keeping a running list of anything my wife mentions or anything I think she may like throughout the year.  This way I don’t have to worry too much when it comes to thinking for ideas.

What ideas do you have on keeping Christmas real?  Put it in the comments..

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