My extra income adventure: A New Series

My extra income adventure: A New Series

Extra incomeI am going to be kicking off a new series on this blog.  I have been interested in producing some extra income in my life in order to help to pay for the down payment for my house.  I have often looked into passive income ideas and it seems like most of them are anything but passive.  Passive income is income that you don’t directly trade time and labor for money.  Examples would be  royalties, or licensing etc.  Although my book would fall under this category I don’t have any delusions about making millions of dollars from it. (although it would be nice)

I had considered getting a second job, but didn’t want to give up time with my children who I only see 3 hours a night as it is.  So, one of my qualifications for these ideas is that I am not simply trading my time for money directly.  (I will do this job for x dollars)  I hope to find other ways to work once and make money over and over with that work.  I plan on doing some of this by outsourcing some of the work that I can’t do, or don’t have time to do.  If I do my calculations correctly the Virtual Assistant (VA) should pay for themselves.

I have some money that I am able to invest in business ideas to capitalize a few of them, which makes me fortunate.  If you want to see this done with almost no money check out UpwardsofTwenty.  He is starting with $20 dollars and investing in interesting ways to grow from that $20 to where ever he ends up.

My plan is to start with some small ideas that I can put into place once and make more than an hourly wage in the process.  I am not going to throw my money at any get rich quick schemes, that would be bad steward ship although even those crack pot ideas have real extra income ideas as their kernel of truth.

After I have completed my first venture I will update you with the plan I followed and the money I made.  I plan to be as open and honest as I can with this part in the interest of transparency.

In order to keep myself sane I am going to look at any money invested that loses money as the cost of education.  I find that I am very hesitant to take risks but hopefully I can break myself of that mindset with some small victories.

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