My Story

My Story

My Story Why do I write this stuff?  I am not rich, I am not a money expert.  I still struggle with imposter syndrome.  Which means I feel like a fake when I write advice to people knowing how much I have screwed up my finances, but this blog is nothing if not a tribute to my failures in this area.  This is part of my story.

When I became a Christian I was quickly lead into the health and wealth movement of the late ’90s.  (Don’t judge me I was 16 and didn’t know any better) I attended a bible college run by a televangelist believing the whole time it was God’s plan to make me rich so I could be a shining light and give more to mission.  I just knew that as long as I paid my tithe (10% of the sanctified gross income) God was obligated(yes I said obligated) to bless the other 90% and prosper me financially (Don’t judge me I was 18 and didn’t know better)

God slowly began to pull me out of that area of Christianity and to a Vineyard Church.  It was during this time that God really started to show me things about money that I was not able to see before.  I started to realize that the tithe is not the militant demand I had always been taught.  I started studying what the Bible had to say about money and what people like Robert Kiyosaki had to say about money.  What I found opened my eyes to things I never learned growing up.

I started to learn that God wanted sacrificial giving and that the tithe was not really applicable to the New Testament church.  I learned that debt is a suckers game most of the time and it used by most of us to finance a lifestyle we can’t really afford to begin with.

I had come into our marriage with credit cards and stupidity, a really bad combination.  My wife and I began to do things to pay down our debt, save more money and live more simply.   I did what  everyone did in 2005 I started a blog about what I was doing.  It did pretty well but it was practical advice for the most part, I missed out on the part about being more generous .  My wife and I  were so focused on fixing our mistakes that we made a bigger mistake by not obeying God and giving.  We gave, but not as much as we could and should have.  We were selfish and scared of financial ruin.  I spent some time after the housing bubble being bitter with God because we lost our shirts in the real estate market but ultimately realized God had a plan for that as well.

I went back to school and afterward I started this site to process through my mistakes as well as help people with their questions.  There are a lot of people looking for answers.  I don’t have them but I am good at processing through questions with people.   At least that is what I have been told…

I write this because I want to help people understand how to steward their gifts well, whether that is money, talent or something else.  I want to prevent people from making the same mistakes I made or worse ones.  I want to help people keep their marriages together instead of fighting about money.  I hope if you find this you enjoy it and somehow it can help you be a better steward of all God has given you, which if you can read this is a lot.


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Jason is the founder of Considering Stewardship he has a passion for helping people to steward all of their resources as gifts from God. Time, money, and Talent.

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