No Spend Month

No Spend Month

No Spend Month

No Spend Month

No Spend Month

My Wife and I are calling for a No Spend Month for August.  Why?  We let a few things get away from us.  We had used our credit card in an attempt to build up some reward points and in the process over spent.  We had carried a balance for a few months and decided to bite the bullet and pay it off.  Fortunately for us we have the money to pay it off in another account, I just like having money in the bank.

So, in order to replace the money from that account we have decided to do our “No Spend Month.” What does that mean?  We normally have budget allowances for categories like eating out, clothes, Christmas, and other but for this month all of that money is going to pay back our the money we used to pay off that Credit card.

Last night was the first time we were challenged.  The girls are out of town and normally that means we go out to eat and treat ourselves.  Last night we didn’t allow ourselves to do it.  We went to the park and played Pokemon Go.  We went home and my wife shopped and gotten us nicer meals for home than usual, but they came out of our grocery budget, which isn’t part of our “No Spend August” (Hey, you gotta eat)

We looked for ideas to do that didn’t cost us any extra money.  Play a game, binge a show on Netflix, swim in our pool (no kids makes is peaceful).  We even helped one another make plans to be successful in our respective goals.

Do you need a No Spend Month?

Even if you didn’t overspend there are some benefits to doing your own No Spend Month.

  1. It will help you live conservatively – We all need a reminder that this is possible every once in awhile.
  2. It will help you reach your goals faster – All that extra money you don’t spend can go right toward your goals
  3. It helps you realize you don’t need as much as you think – You can survive without spending that extra money.
  4. It will draw your family together – Think of creative ways to accomplish this as a family and do it together.

Don’t know how you could do it. Try these articles and give your ideas in the comments below.

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