This Personal Finance Writer Confesses A Secret; You Won’t Believe What It Is.

This Personal Finance Writer Confesses A Secret; You Won’t Believe What It Is.

RegretThe head line a small attempt at satire, but I am going to let you in on a secret.  I screw up my with my money all the time.

This leads to my impostor syndrome, feeling that I am a fraud and just fooling people in to thinking I know what I am talking about on this site and in my classes.  But the reality is I am human.  We make mistakes all the time in our finances.  Experts in every field make mistakes, Microsoft had the Zune, Steve Jobs had the Newton and my wife and bought our house at the worst time in history, when prices were at their peak.

I was once teaching a marriage money class and one of the guests pointed out something that should be quite obvious.  “There is grace for that.”  She was talking about dealing with mistakes made about money between a couple, however it applies to all of us with our money.  We are all going to be selfish, or buy stupid stuff, or make a less than optimal decision when it comes to how we handle our money.  There is grace for that just like there is grace for all of our mistakes and sins.

It is OK to make mistakes.  If we all had perfect foresight we wouldn’t have to worry about it but that isn’t the case.  We don’t know what is coming so the best we can do is cover our bases and prepare.  In the end our financial decisions matter to the degree they glorify God and promote the spread of the Gospel.  Making 4% instead of 5% isn’t a big deal when you examine things in light of eternity.


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