Snagshout review

Snagshout review

Snagshout ReviewSnagshout is a social deals website that creates a connection between shoppers and brand owners.

Snagshout offers products at discount prices in exchange for reviews of the products.  I had never tried to use this type of service before so I naturally wanted to give it a shot.  The big bonus was most of the deals you can snag are through amazon so I felt safe in dealing with them.  I snagged a pack of 6 micro USB connectors because we lose and break those things all the time.  Normally they are 12.99, but with the supplied promo code they were 1.99 and with my Amazon Prime account the shipping was free and two days.

Snagshout made the whole process easy by including buttons directly to he product and the a button to send me to the review page once my purchase was complete.  I wrote the review after I had time to test out the cables (which worked fine, it was a simple product) and it was approved by Amazon in moments.  For some reason Snagshout had some trouble finding my review and after a three days I simply pasted the URL for my review into their handy field  and it was approved by Snagshout a few hours later.  The process was clean and easy.

My wife picked up an immersion blender for $10 and had no trouble with her review approval, so perhaps I did something wrong.  Let me know if you have issues if you check it out.

The products Snagshout offers seem to rotate in and out, I am seeing items now I didn’t see before and some items I thought to come back and claim are out so it would be good to check regularly and see what they have available.

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