Stewards of Fatherhood

Stewards of Fatherhood

FatherhoodI am going to depart from my normal topics to discuss something else, Fatherhood.  This site is about the various forms of stewardship Christians are called to and this includes the stewardship of the name Father.  God the Father existed through all eternity and it is not a coincidence that he created fathers on this planet.  He didn’t create fathers and then say “Oh, since there are fathers on earth I will call myself father so they can understand.”  No, The Father was before creation and formed creation to reflect who he is.  And he is merciful and gracious enough to allow us to bear his name in our own fatherhood.

Those of us who are privileged and blessed enough to have children take on one of the names of God himself, and we should not do so lightly.  Who we are as fathers will be the starting point for how our children understand God.  We will color the lenses through which they see him.  If we are harsh and mean then when they hear that God is our Father they will assume that he is harsh as well.  If we are gracious and loving then they will naturally assume God is a loving Father as well.

Although I fail often, I try to bear this in mind as I determine how to deal with my own children.  I want them to know the Father who loved the world so much that he gave is only Son to die on the cross for their sins.  I want them to not be hindered by my performance as Father, but to be encouraged to peace when they think of God as Father.

There are many things we men steward in this life, our time, money and talent, but none of them are as important as stewarding the name and reputation of God the Father.

Fatherhood is not simply controlling your children or having them do well in school.  But, it is the intentional communication of the Gospel through our words and actions.

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Jason is the founder of Considering Stewardship he has a passion for helping people to steward all of their resources as gifts from God. Time, money, and Talent.

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