Why you and your spouse should have the money talk.

Why you and your spouse should have the money talk.

Recently, my wife and I have been slacking off on our money talk.  I am the money nerd in our family so I track most of the data and I wanted to get back on track with keeping her in the loop.


1. The money talk keeps you accountable

It is easy to get sloppy with money.  I am guilty of using more money than I should to by special treats for my family.  Having a consistent money talk with my wife keeps me accountable.  I know I will have to talk to her about those little treats.  It makes me think twice and helps to keep us directed toward our goals.  It isn’t that I am hiding bad things but those little treats are working against our goals.


2. The money talk keeps you on the same page.

It is easy to put the budget on cruise control.  But, things can get out of line easily.  Having the money talk will make sure you and your spouse are on the same page.  It makes sure that the goals you set at one time are still the goals want to be pursuing.  It gives you the opportunity to review and change those goals should the need arise.


3. The money talk brings you together.

This one was a big one for us most recently.  I felt like I had let my family down by making some minor mistakes with the budget.  We have a pretty complicated system and it is hard to manage sometime.  Having the money talk was hard for me because it required me to admit I had made the mistakes and seek my wife’s forgiveness.  It was tough on my pride, but it brought us together as a couple

Bottom line the more you talk about money the smoother it will go if you both are walking in grace.
Do you have any tips on how to have this conversation?

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